Sunday, May 9, 2010

Free English Talking Dictionary

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Talking Dictionary with Thesaurus, Word Dynamo, Quotes, Reference, Translator, and Spanish. 

Most people understand the purpose of using a dictionary and of course dictionaries are useful but what a hardcover or paperback dictionary does not offer is sound.  Online talking dictionaries are used to look up a words meaning AND pronounces the word to learn how to say it properly.

I'm an article writer, blogger and website creator and when it's time to sit down to write lots of content, one of the first things I do is open a talking dictionary in a separate tab.  When I'm on a roll of typing content, I can easily type a word into the dictionary field and the word definition populates with the added option to hear the word be pronounced.  Using a talking dictionary has increased my vocabulary, helped me learn how to pronounce words properly and got better with spelling.  I've become a better writer with the use of a talking dictionary.

Another excellent resource I've learned to use over the years is a Thesaurus.   Like I said above, I write articles online, create blogs and websites.  Using a Thesaurus has helped me expand the use of words and helps me think outside of my box.  Because I write several articles, blogs or webpages each week, I found myself using words repetitiously.  I would either open my Thesaurus or go to to find a different word to use that held the same meaning/definition.  Here's an example.  I find myself using the word "creative" often.  I would open my Thesaurus or go to, look up or type the word "creative" and the Thesaurus gives me other words to use in place of the word "creative".  I could use the words imaginative, inventive, originate, artistic and so on.  Using a Thesaurus helps you think outside of your box.

I recently came across an English Talking Dictionary.  OK, you know what a words definition is but not quite sure how to pronounce the word.  All you have to do is go to "", type a single word or you can type up to six words into the field, click submit and the words you want to hear be pronounced become pink in color.  You simply then mouse over the word to hear the word be pronounced so you can practice pronouncing the word out loud.  I waitress for a living and when I started working at my most recent job, I needed to study and learn the menu.  There were dozens of food words and I knew what the definitions were but I was unable to pronounce the food words properly.  I went to "", typed in the food words so I can hear them be pronounced, practiced saying the food words out loud and passed the test.  I now work at an upscale restaurant and in order for me to become a server I was required to go through training and was required to pass a written and verbal test.  Finding "" helped me get the job.  Take the time to visit "".  I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised how helpful the English Talking Dictionary can be.

OK folks, I took the time to write this blog because I found the topic to be interesting.  I hope guiding you to the English Talking Dictionary helps you along your path.  Enjoy.

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  2. Thank you Michelle for the information. I will use a dictionary to get the right spelling of words, but I hadn't thought of using a Thesaurus to find like-words. I have read over some articles I have written and didn't like the fact I had the same word so many times; now I know how to overcome that issue. I will have to try out the Talking Dictionary as well; it looks like it could help me with some words. I find when I am reading a book or an article there are occasionally words I have never seen before. Typing them in and hearing how they are to be pronounced and the definition will be very helpful. You are amazing!